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60 Seconds With: Kieran Tompsett

18th Jan 2024
Kieran Tompsett

Tell us a bit about your role here at Vision. What do you do?

I'm a Senior Solutions Consultant, leading on Business Process Automation for our clients both existing and new. In terms of what that looks like on a day-to-day basis, this could be anything from scoping out requirements and discovery calls, through to working with the developers on the configuration of software solutions.

In terms of the software we offer here at Vision, we’re primarily focused on document management and business process automation tools, which help solve business challenges around productivity, efficiency, security and more. I liaise with businesses to help identify and understand they’re specific challenges, and then work with our developers and project teams to map and configure our solutions. This is to ensure the software’s able to help alleviate those pain points, and that any integration needed with a client’s existing platforms is achievable.

I’ve always been a strong problem solver, and I think that quality suits the role I’m in perfectly – I do this on behalf of our clients on a daily basis, and it’s always great to see the results of the solutions we implement and the positive impact it has on business operations. 

I’m a strong communicator, and I think that helps in this role as I often find myself in the middle of very technical people, and people who aren’t technical at all, so acting as a translator between the two sides is something I’ve become increasingly good at; presenting complex, technical ideas in a way that’s easy to understand.

Tell us about your journey at Vision so far… How long have you worked here? Which other roles (if any) have you held?

I’ve been here a year and a half, but have been in the document management world for the past six years. Prior to that I cut my teeth in sales and event management.

I’ve worked with several of the biggest software vendors in the world, and I’ve brought the skills gained in this time to my role here at Vision.

Whilst I’ve worked at some of the big names, joining Vision has been such an exciting step in my career as we’re in an important stage in our journey; traditionally operating within the Managed Print sector, we’re now in the process of scaling up with aspirations to become a major player in the document management and unified communications markets. Joining a passionate and talented team here, building out a team and being the driving force behind a crucial part of this exciting journey is something I’m really thrilled to be a part of.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve been involved with during your time at Vision?

A project I’m particularly proud of would be one of our big clients, Maritime Transport; document management – became such an integral part of their business, particularly within finance.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

The people. The culture. The Vision. Working with like-minded people that are talented, creative and hardworking makes for the perfect work environment, with high levels of professionalism and a great team dynamic.

What’s next for you? Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I'd love to become the Head of Department as I'm really passionate about developing people, building out a strong team and seeing them succeed.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

Im a family man, with two young children and an amazing wife (she’ll kill me if I don’t’ throw that in there!)

I’m big on martial arts and UFC. I used to teach mit for many years, so keep one foot in the that world to this day.

I’m a huge tennis fan, and try to get on court whenever I can.

Finally, what’s an interesting fact about you that people don’t know? 

People may know this but I’ve recently been featured in the BBC TV show “The Traitors” Series 1, where I made it through to the final.

It was a great!

I actually ended up going out in the final episode, but my departure made some waves at the time, and ended up getting a BAFTA nomination for TV moment of the year. I ended up going head to head with The Queen’s Paddington Bear sketch, so whilst we didn’t win I can’t think of anyone better to have missed out to - just to be in the same line-up was an absolute privilege and honour.

I’ve appeared since then in a number of different shows, from Lorraine on GMB to BBC Morning Live and Jeremy Vine.

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