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General – All Devices

Image Quality Issues

  • Marks on copies & prints – Run approx. 50 – 100 blank sheets
  • Blank spaces on printed documents – Run approx. 50 – 100 full colour sheets
  • Patchy copies, if the above does not help, replace paper in cassettes with paper out of an unopened packet
  • Lines on copies prints – check to see if this happens when making a copy from the glass.

If it doesn’t, then clean the small glass next to the main glass.(See

Paper Feed / Jamming Issues

  • If paper is curling when printed – Replace paper in trays with new paper
  • If paper is jamming – Has paper been replaced? If not replace paper in trays with new paper

Power Issues

  • Check all power switches are turned on. Wall socket, rocker switch (near power inlet on device) and soft power switch (usually on or near the control panel or front of device)

Networking Issues – Unable to print/scan

  • Check the network cable is plugged in to the device
  • Are there blinking orange/green lights visible where the network cable plugs into the machine

Error Codes

  • Has the machine been restarted? Turn off machine, unplug for 20 seconds then plug back in and turn on.


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