eCopy ShareScan sits on your multifunctional devices to bring more cost-effective, more productive business practices to life
  • eCopy ShareScan enables you to:
  • Turn paper information into digital data that can be edited, managed and stored electronically
  • Distribute scanned documents as emails and electronic faxes with secure audit trails
  • Incorporating physical documents into automated workflows that accelerate productivity
  • Eliminate manual data entry and filing and archiving, etc.
  • Adhere to security and compliance requirements you can manage
  • Promote a greener, less wasteful workplace


eCopy ShareScan® turns your copiers and printers into productivity machines that instantly, easily and securely slip paper documents into more manageable electronic workflows.

In one stroke, eCopy ShareScan moves information from your papers into your files, your indexes, your desktop, your network. Through one simple interface at the copier, your documents can be shared anywhere, anytime, via email, fax and document management systems, instantly.

eCopy ShareScan applies powerful optical character recognition (OCR) technology that converts scanned documents into editable PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel files, including columns, graphs and tables. You can even extract data from pre-defined fields and pass it on to your back-end applications.

  • In summary:
  • Send - distribute your electronic documents by email, fax or to internal or remote users, all at the touch of a button.
  • Secure - make your documents secure with the option to password- protect sensitive documents.
  • Integrate - create searchable documents that can be used by document management systems for full text indexing and subsequent searching and retrieval.
  • Preview - preview your scanned documents on screen before sending them to their final destination.
  • User friendly - the intuitive graphic interface allows users to quickly become familiar with functions, without the need for training.