Simply switching to LED lights can reduce your carbon emissions so significantly that your consumption of energy from lighting can be reduced by up to 90%.

LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy used by traditional bulbs and tubes, lasts up to 20 times longer, creates a more productive environment and contains none of the harmful chemicals found in traditional lighting.

Vision delivers all of those benefits in a flexible finance solution that enables you to install energy efficient LED lighting and eliminate initial outlay or capital expenditure.  The package includes the responsible disposal of existing equipment and maintenance of your new lighting.

For any organisation wishing to reduce their costs and their carbon footprint, the benefits of leased LED lighting solutions are:

  • enhanced eco-credentials through reduced carbon emissions
  • immediate and long term savings
  • reduced energy consumption
  • transparent maintenance costs and minimal business disruption
  • "peace of mind" unit replacement policy

Reducing your energy consumption for lighting is just one of the ways Vision is helping organisations to reduce their costs, read more about our managed print solutions, managed document solutions and telecommunications offering.

  • LED leased lighting works best where:
  • lighting is on for long periods of the day or week
  • changing of lamps is disruptive to employees and business operations
  • outside contractors are used to replace failed lamps and ballast units
  • changing lamps is difficult due to location