Comprehensive Print Audit

Drive print and telecoms improvements across the organisation using our independent audit and costs analysis

We answer some common questions about our telecoms services here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then do get in touch.

Why should we consider reviewing our telecoms systems?

In today’s economic climate reducing outgoings is a major concern for any organisation and telecoms is one area where it’s easy to run up cost. So it makes commercial sense to see what else is out there on a regular basis.

On average companies only change their telecoms systems once in every five to seven years but, as we all know, the speed of change is a lot faster. That’s where professional advice can be so valuable. Our comprehensive audit of your existing systems can update you on the current solutions available and demonstrate what they could achieve for your business.

Can we really save money on our telephone bills?

It’s certainly worth looking into. There’s a common assumption in business that once you’ve signed up with a provider, that’s it – you’re stuck with them. Our telecoms audit will analyse your current bills and compare your expenditure with other market alternatives. We’re confident that we’ll be able to show you where savings can be made.

We value independent advice – are you tied to a specific manufacturer?

No we’re not. We do work with a number of preferred suppliers but on a partnership, not a sales agency, basis. That means we’re free to recommend the solution we consider best for our clients. There’s more about our partners here.

How disruptive will any new installation be to our business?

Don’t worry. Once the solution has been agreed we take great care to plan any implementation in great detail so that the new system can be rolled out progressively and with maximum buy-in from your staff. Read more about how we work here.

What about maintenance?

We provide comprehensive support for all our installations because we want you to enjoy a value-for-money return on your investment. Telephone advice is available from our dedicated client service centre and we have a field engineer team available for on-site calls. Read more about our service and support.

Can you help us get better value from our mobile phones?

Almost certainly. We can access all the major mobile providers for the best options available to your business, which saves you the chore of trying to manage this yourself. We also have a handle on all the latest technological possibilities, such as the ability to pair landline and mobile numbers together and have your key staff more easily contactable. Quite simply if you have three months (or less) remaining on your current contract, it will definitely be worth talking to us.

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